Eat a Peach
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Eat A Peach



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Eat a Peach - Review - Allman Brothers

Eat A Peach review

Eat a Peach was released after the tragic death of Duane Allman. However, it does include several songs recorded prior to then featuring him. It also is a combination of both live and studio tracks. The CD proved quite popular reaching # 4.

Eat a Peach begins with the three studio songs without Duane Allman. They are all solid numbers. The opener shows that Dickey is no slouch on slide giving hope for the future. “Melissa,” featuring Gregg Allman on acoustic guitar is a classic. What follows are three live songs including a 33-minute version of "Mt. Jam."  The last three songs on Eat a Peach were recorded in the studio prior to Duane’s death. The Muddy Waters cover, "Trouble No More" show the bands tightness, after Duane's solo the band shares the spotlight with Berry Oakley hitting a run on notes before handing it off to Dickey, who hands it off to Duane, that gives the final statement to the drummers, who brings things home to Gregg's vocals. The hit “Blue Sky” begins to show a shift from their blues roots to a country tone; this song remained a staple in their tours throughout the Dickey Betts era. But this rendition includes Duane and both he and Dickey offer fabulous back to back solos. The CD is rounded out with "Little Martha," an acoustic guitar duet featuring Duane Allman and Dickey Betts. 

If these studio songs are not the best they’ve recorded, they are certainly not far behind. This was originally a double album, which was released one CD. At about 70 minutes this is an outstanding value. 
by Barry Small © 
Grade  A +

May 2006 Deluxe edition
In May 2006 a re-mastered edition was released that includes a second disc with a live recording from June 27, 1971. With the exception of two tracks the material has not been previously released; "Midnight Rider" first made its appearance on Duane Allman Anthology, Vol. 2 and "One Way Out" is on  Eat a Peach, so that song is on both discs here.

Eat a Peach - Track List - Allman Brothers
Track List

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Studio without Duane
1. Ain't Wastin' Time No More (Allman) - 3:37
2. Les Brers in a Minor (Betts) - 9:00
3. Melissa (Alaimo / Allman) - 3:52

4. Mountain Jam 
    (Allman / Allman / Betts / Donovan / Oakley) - 33:40
5. One Way Out (James / Sehorn / Williamson) - 4:57
6. Trouble No More (Waters) - 3:43

Studio with Duane
7. Stand Back (Allman / Oakley) - 3:20
8. Blue Sky (Betts) - 5:08
9. Little Martha (Allman) - 2:07

On the expanded edition that was released in May 2006 
Disc: 2 
Recorded live 6/27/1971
1. Statesboro Blues 
2. Don't Keep Me Wonderin' 
3. Done Somebody Wrong 
4. One Way Out 
5. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed 
6. Midnight Rider 
7. Hot 'Lanta 
8. Whipping Post 

9. You Don't Love Me 

Eat a Peach - Musician List - Allman Brothers

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Gregg Allman - Organ, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
Dickey Betts - Guitar,  Vocals
Duane Allman - Guitar 
Berry Oakley - Bass
Jaimoe - Percussion, Drums
Butch Trucks - Percussion, Drums

Eat a Peach - Notes - Allman Brothers

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Released originally 1972 
This CD was initially a two-record set.
Re-issued in 2006 with a second disc of a live recording from 6/27/1971.

Deluxe Edition liner notes has an essay by Scott Schnider. For the extra pricing it would have been nice to have more photos.


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