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 Live at the Atlanta   
 International Pop Festival
 July 3 and 5, 1970
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Live at the Atlanta International Pop Festival   Review Allman Brothers Band

The Allman Brothers Band:
Live at the Atlanta International Pop Festival  

Live at the Atlanta Pop Festival is an excellent two disc live recording of the Allman Brothers performing at the …. On July 3, and 5, 1970. They were the only band to perform twice ....

Certainly the definitive Allman Brothers Live from this line-up is The Fillmore East. So is this worth picking up? It does include four songs that were not on the Fillmore Concerts, and 150 minutes of non-stop guitar solos.

After my first listen, I seem to prefer the second set. So I played that again, and again, and again; fantastic blues, incredible guitar. I'm sure that the first disc will bring as much enjoyment with repeat listens. The first set includes a larger number of songs. Notice that "Mountain Jam" was cut short by rain. 

The second disc from July 5 really defines the material from this album well. The soaring slide guitar of “Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’” and “Statesboro Blues” get the set off to a dazzling start. The lightning fast guitar runs to close the soloing before the short drum roll on “Elizabeth Reed” is a perfect climax. Gregg Allman shows he knows how to sing the blues on “Stormy Monday” and the string bending riffs and guitar solos are just how I like my blues. It is hard to believe nine minutes elapsed, a sign of great music. To close you have 45 minutes of incredible improvisation on “Whipping Post” and “Mountain Jam” add up to a thoroughly satisfying disc. 

Both discs offer versions of “Whipping Post.” 

The Atlanta International Pop Festival is not a replacement for The Fillmore Concerts, but offers renditions of their songs different enough along with songs not included on that classic to makes this a very, very desirable album. 

If you like searing guitars it doesn’t get much better than this. The sound quality is certainly good and the guitar solos are not stop. 
by Barry Small © 

Grade  A - 

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Live at the Atlanta International Pop Festival   - Song List - Allman Brothers Band
Track List

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Disc 1
Statesboro Blues
Trouble No More
Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
Every Hungry Woman*
Hoochie Coochie Man
In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
Whipping Post
Mountain Jam Pt.I
Rain Delay
Mountain Jam Pt.II

Disc 2
Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
Statesboro Blues*
In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
Stormy Monday
Whipping Post*
Mountain Jam**

* Previously released
**With Johnny Winter

Live at the Atlanta International Pop Festival   - Musicians - Allman Brothers Band

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Gregg Allman: Hammond B-3 Organ, Keyboards & Vocals
Duane Allman: Guitar, Slide Guitar
Dickey Betts: Guitar
Berry Oakley: Bass Guitar, Vocals
Butch Trucks: Drums, Tympani
J Johnny Johnson: Drums, Percussion
Thom Doucette: Harmonica

Johnny Winter: Guitar (7/5/70 "Mountain Jam")

Live at the Atlanta International Pop Festival   - Notes - Allman Brothers Band

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Released October 2003 - recorded live July 3 and 5, 1970.

Press Release
In the heat of the summer of 1970, more than a half-million of Hippie Nation's faithful made their way down Interstate 75 to the second annual Atlanta International Pop Festival, a July 4th weekend gathering of the tribes that began (on Friday night) and ended (in the dawning hours of Monday morning) with glorious three-hour headlining performances from a group destined to leave its imprint on rock and blues for decades to come, The Allman Brothers Band.

Briefly excerpted (two songs, worth) by Columbia Records the following year, the multi-track live tapes of those two sets finally surrender the bulk of their treasures all these years later on THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND - LIVE AT THE ATLANTA INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL - among the earliest full-length live recordings of them now officially available, and the longest from 1970.

Clocking in with over 150 minutes of music on two CDs - one disc for each night - and a revealing behind-the-scenes liner notes essay by ABB Tour Magician Kirk West.

This new live album is a (mostly) previously unreleased testament to the classic, original lineup of the band who single-handedly launched the Southern Rock explosion that still thrives today: Gregg Allman on keyboards and vocals, guitarists Duane Allman and Dickey Betts, Berry Oakley on bass, and the dual drumming of Butch Trucks and Jaimoe (Jai Johanny Johanson). They had released their self-titled debut album the year before in 1969, on the new Capricorn Records label headquartered in Macon, Georgia (and distributed at the time by Atlantic Records).


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