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ABB Beacon 2009
Skydog: DA Retro
Skydog: DA Retro Review
Duane Allman
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Allman Brothers Band - Books and Videos

Allman Brothers Band - Books and Videos

Allman Brothers Band - Books and Videos
Allman Brothers - Midnight Rider

Midnight Rider - Allman Brothers BandMidnight Rider: 
The Story of the Allman Brothers 

by Scott Freeman 1996

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Allman Brothers Tab. Collection

Tab - Allman Brothers BandThe Allman Brothers Collection: 
The Definitive Collection for tab: 

Hal Leonard Publishing Corp. 

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Allman Brothers Tab. Collection

Skydog: The Duane Allman Story

Press Release:

The True Story of Guitar Legend Duane Allman

“Poe captures the essence of Duane Allman. . . . Skydog is a fitting tribute to one of the best and most influential musicians to ever come out of the South.”

—Chuck Leavell, Rolling Stones; former Allman Brothers Band keyboardist

“As a personality and musician, Skydog was the one and only. Randy Poe brings him back to life. His portrait of Allman is rendered with sensitivity, scholarship, and a whole lot of blues-loving passion.”

—David Ritz, four-time Ralph J. Gleason Music Book Award winner

San Francisco—A guitar legend 35 years after his death, Duane Allman is revered by fans and musicians alike. Now, Backbeat Books offers Skydog, the first biography of Duane Allman. Skydog reveals Duane’s entire story, from his childhood and the struggling early days of the Allman Brothers Band, through the arrival of fame and legendary gigs like the Fillmore East concerts, and on to his tragic death in 1971 and his continuing legacy.

Whether churning out incredible solos in the Allman Brothers Band, recording killer tracks with stars like Aretha Franklin and Wilson Pickett, or laying down his immortal “Layla” riff, Allman was never less than incendiary on guitar. But nothing came easily for Duane—he labored ceaselessly to perfect his craft and to find a place in era’s tumultuous music scene, and he struggled mightily with his own demons.

Detailing his musical influences, his relationship with brother Gregg Allman, his sessions as a sideman in Muscle Shoals and New York, his contributions to slide guitar technique, and much more, author Randy Poe taps the people who knew Duane best, paying tribute to one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

Skydog also includes a comprehensive discography of Duane Allman's work with his own bands and on other artists' recordings, a meticulously researched roundup of his studio and stage instruments, and a look at the continuing lives and careers of Allman's friends and bandmates. Raised in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Grammy nominee Randy Poe is a former executive director of the Songwriters' Hall of Fame. President of Leiber & Stoller Music Publishing since 1985, Poe is the author of two other books, dozens of articles for various music magazines, and the liner notes to over 100 albums. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and son. Backbeat Books publishes books for people who are passionate about music, whether as performers or avid fans. Based in San Francisco, Backbeat Books is an imprint of the Music Player Network, a division of CMP Media, LLC.
The author's website is

Allman Brothers Tab. Collection

My Cross to Bear

Paperback Hard Cover
Amazon Editorial Reviews Review

A Q&A with Gregg Allman

Q: Why did you want to write this book and tell your story?

Allman: I’d actually been thinking about doing a book for a long time, and since the 80s, I’d been putting bits and pieces of the story together. Just a bit here a bit there, that sort of thing. There have been a few books about the Allman Brothers over the year, and they all seem to tell one of two stories—either we were all out there sowing our wild oats, or we were constantly surrounded by tragedy. None of them really got the feeling of the band right, and that was what I set out to do.

Q: What impact have your health struggles over the last few years had on the way you think about your life and history?

Allman: Well, as I said, I’ve been working on this book for a while, but my health being what it has been over the last couple of years gave me an extra push to get the whole story down on paper. Last fall I was pretty sick, and I had this thought that it just wasn’t my time yet. I’ve still got more songs in me, more stories to tell. I guess this is one of ‘em.

Q: Was it hard to make yourself think about the darker times in your life?

Allman: It was. I wanted to be as honest as I could, but at the same time, looking back like this was tough. Facing the past isn’t easy. I threw down though, and didn’t hold back. I didn’t want anything colored up.

Q: What do you hope an Allman Brothers fan would learn about you from this book?

Allman: As I said before, for years, when people have talked about the band, they’ve tended to focus on the tragedy or the insanity of our history. Make no mistake, those are in the book and they’re very real. But a lot of people don’t understand just how much fun we had—especially in the beginning. I tried hard to include the good as well as the bad.

Q: Has spending this time looking back at the band's history given you a different appreciation for what the Allman Brothers have accomplished?

Allman: I’m not so sure it’s a different appreciation so much as just amazed and proud that we’re still here today. In the book, I talk about when my brother first called me about being in the band he said he had these two drummers and two lead guitarists, and I remember thinking that sounded like a train wreck. But somehow it worked then and it’s worked ever since. It’s an incredible band, filled with incredible musicians, and I’ve been very lucky to be a part of it.

Q: Do you think that your kids will learn about you from reading this story? How about your bandmates?

Allman: Sometimes when you’re on the road with someone, it’s easy to lose sight of just how far you’ve come. I’ve lived with these stories for a long time, but having them together, all in one place, is something else. Everyone always takes something different away from what they read. I can’t say what people will learn, but my hope is they have some fun along the way.
--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
…This book is everything you could hope for: in a grizzled, laconic drawl, Allman provides a rambling backstage account of his five decades with the Allman Brothers Band, and he doesn’t seem to hold anything back. (New York Times Book Review )

A soul-searching rumination on a hard-lived life... For generations of fans, Allman’s book provides insights into the many turns in that long road... MY CROSS TO BEAR carries a welcome seal of honesty. (USA Today )

In his memoir, the rambling and rambunctious Gregg Allman lays bare his soul… In the end, Allman, writing with music journalist Light, has produced a fiercely honest memoir. (Publishers Weekly (starred review) )

This is a story about musical brotherhood. Rich and moving... Nothing less than profound. Life, love and music from one of the most influential American recording artists of the last 40 years. (Kirkus Reviews )

“Packed with juicy anecdotes, gripping details and raw energy…Fans of the Allman Brothers Band are certain to relish the revelations... MY CROSS TO BEAR provides a window into Allman’s tortured soul - he presents himself as a man cracked and flawed, yet somehow intact.” (Birmingham News ) 
Allman Brothers Videos

Please Be with Me: A Song for My Father, Duane Allman by Galadrielle Allman

Hard Cover Hard Cover
Alan Paul is a senior writer for Guitar World magazine and has interviewed the members of the Allman Brothers Band hundreds of times. No one has written more frequently about the band.

He is the author of Big in China: My Unlikely Adventures Raising a Family, Playing the Blues, and Becoming a Star in Beijing (Harper), which is currently being developed as a film by Ivan Reitman's Montecito Pictures.

Mar. 2014

Allman Brothers Videos

One Way Out: 
The Inside History of the Allman Brothers Band 

Hard Cover Hard Cover
Alan Paul is a senior writer for Guitar World magazine and has interviewed the members of the Allman Brothers Band hundreds of times. No one has written more frequently about the band.

He is the author of Big in China: My Unlikely Adventures Raising a Family, Playing the Blues, and Becoming a Star in Beijing (Harper), which is currently being developed as a film by Ivan Reitman's Montecito Pictures.

Feb. 2014

Allman Brothers Videos

Allman Brothers Videos

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Allman Brothers Videos

Song of the South: Duane Allman and the Rise of the Allman Brothers Band

Editorial Reviews
Duane Allman, the lead guitarist and driving force behind Southern Rock pioneers The Allman Brothers Band, lived 
a tragically short life, but during his brief career he changed music forever. With contributions from an 
illustrious and highly knowledgeable cast of friends, insiders and experts, plus rare footage and exclusive 
interviews, this film looks at Duane's life, work and musical output. 

Release 2013

Allman Brothers Videos

Allman Brothers Band
Live At Great Woods DVD
September 6, 1991

Amazon Product Description

Recorded in the September of 1991, originally for Japanese TV, The Allman Brothers Band’s beloved Live At Great Woods showcases the classic American rock band reaching a new generation of audiences. Original band members Gregg Allman, Dickey Betts, Butch Trucks and Jaimoe were joined by new guitarist Warren Haynes, bassist Allen Woody and percussionist Marc Quinones in one of the most powerful lineups in the group’s history. This concert - recorded before a crowd of nearly 20,000 adoring fans at the Great Woods Amphitheater in Massachusetts - features a top-notch set of fan favorites, with a fiery acoustic mini-set included for good measure.

This DVD release of Live At Great Woods fills a crucial gap in The Allman Brothers Band’s videography: after years of demand, fans can experience the original longform video version of this concert (previously only available on VHS), with no interviews edited into the main feature. Finally, fans have nothing standing between them and the top-notch performances of this set. 

Live At Great Woods is an incredible chance to discover (or rediscover) the raw talent and pure magic that have made The Allman Brothers Band such icons of American rock and roll.

Statesboro Blues
End Of The Line
Blue Sky
Midnight Rider
Going Down The Road
Hoochie Coochie Man
Get On With Your Life
In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
Whipping Post

Allman Brothers Videos

Allman Brothers Band
40th Anniversary DVD
Beacon Theatre, 3-26-09

Set 1
1. Don t Want You No More 
2. It s Not My Cross To Bear
3. Black Hearted Woman 
4. Trouble No More 
5. Every Hungry Woman
6. Dreams 
7. Whipping Post

Set 2
8. Revival 
9. Don t Keep Me Wonderin 
10. Midnight Rider
11. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed / Drum solo & bass solo w/Derek
12. Hoochie Coochie Man 
13. Please Call Home 
14. Leave My Blues at Home
Encore: Statesboro Blues 

Amazon Product Description

By 2009, the Allman Brothers Band had morphed into a line-up that consisted of Gregg, Jaimoe and Butch, guitarists Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks, bassist Oteil Burbridge and Marc Quinones on percussion. In tune with each other musically, philosophically and personally, these players were hitting on all cylinders as they prepared to mark the band s 40th anniversary with a no-holds-barred celebration during the group s annual stand at the historic Beacon Theatre in New York City. This rustic venue had become a favored spot for the ABB to play in Manhattan, in the tradition of the Fillmore East. This 15-show run was dedicated to the memory of Duane Allman, and accordingly, some very special guests came out to pay homage to the man known as 'Skydog'. Sixty-two artists, including Eric Clapton, Levon Helm, Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, and Buddy Guy were there, with someone of note sitting in during every show, except on one night. March 26, 2009, marked the exact 40th anniversary of the first time Duane, Gregg, Jaimoe, Butch, Berry and Dickey played together, and so this performance belonged to the Allman Brothers Band, and no one else. 

The current band decided to honor the original six by playing the group s first two albums: The Allman Brothers Band and Idlewild South, back to back, track by track. Like a tiger unleashed from a cage, the band pounced from the opening moment of 'Don t Want You No More/Not My Cross to Bear', and the power and fury only went up from there. Seven men were playing as one, each feeding off the energy from the others, communicating in a non-verbal, mutually understood musical conversation.

40: A very special number, and this DVD proves why the Allman Brothers Band is a special group indeed. Savor every note of every song, because chances are a band the likes of this one will not come our way again. 

Allman Brothers Live at Great Woods

Live at the Beacon - Allman Brothers Band DVDLive at the Beacon Theater 
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This DVD was filmed and recorded live at the Beacon Theatre March 25-26, 2003. The Allman Brothers Band have had their share of personnel changes through the years. The Live at Beacon Theater DVD  arguably offers their best line-up since Duane Allman was in the band, it features Warren Hayes and Derek Trucks on guitar. Below are a few other offerings.

Songs: Ain't Wastin' Time No More, Black Hearted Woman, Statesboro Blues, Woman Across the River, A Change Is Gonna Come, Maydell, Come & Go Blues, Rockin' Horse, Desdemona, Don't Keep Me Wondering, Midnight Rider, Soul Shine, High Cost of Low Living, Leave My Blues at Home, Old Before My Time, The Same Thing, Melissa, Instrumental Illness, Worried Down with the Blues, Dreams, Whippin' Post, One Way Out (encore)

Live at the Beacon Theatre also includes a bonus track, "Old Friend" (recorded during a dressing room rehearsal), interviews, a photo gallery, and behind-the-scenes footage. 

Allman Brothers Live at Great Woods

Live at Great Woods - Allman Brothers BandLive at Great Woods (1992) 
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Allman Brothers Brothers of the Road

Brothers of the Road - Allman Brothers BandBrothers of the Road (1994) 
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Allman Brothers Back Stage Pass

Backstage Pass - Allman Brothers BandBackstage Pass: 
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Allman Brothers Books and Videos


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