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Allman Brothers Band 

Welcome to our Allman Brothers resource page. 

We provide reviews of the Allman Brothers Band best commercial cd's. We have broken them down in the categories below.  To have a solid representation of the Allman Brothers you’ll need to include both studio and live performances. 

The final Allman Brothers Band show - so sad:(

Some new releases
Play All Night - Dickey Betts and Warren Line-up
The 1971 Fillmore East Recordings 6 Discs

3 Blu ray

Amazon Editorial Reviews

One of the best live albums of all time is about to get considerably better. The Allman Brothers Band's cornerstone LP, At Fillmore East, compiled from the four sets recorded on the weekend of March 12-13, 1971, has been expanded, stretching over six CDs with fifteen unreleased tracks. Additionally, The 1971 Fillmore East Recordings contains the complete June 27 performance during the iconic venue-s final weekend, after the band was handpicked by impresario Bill Graham to headline closing night. The 1971 Fillmore East Recordings captures the most inspired improvisational rock unit ever at the peak of their prodigious powers, blazing their way through extended instrumental elaborations, so taut and virtuosic, that the crowds that packed the Fillmore East on those memorable nights were utterly transfixed. When it came to live performance, no other band could touch the Allmans. 

'The 1971 Fillmore East Recordings' includes 37 tracks, 15 previously unreleased and a 36 page booklet with extended liner notes and never-before-seen images of the Fillmore concerts. 
Allman Brothers Band
40th Anniversary DVD
Beacon Theatre, 3-26-09
Set 1
1. Don t Want You No More 
2. It s Not My Cross To Bear
3. Black Hearted Woman 
4. Trouble No More 
5. Every Hungry Woman
6. Dreams 
7. Whipping Post

Set 2
8. Revival 
9. Don t Keep Me Wonderin 
10. Midnight Rider
11. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed / Drum solo & bass solo w/Derek
12. Hoochie Coochie Man 
13. Please Call Home 
14. Leave My Blues at Home
Encore: Statesboro Blues 
Amazon Product Description

By 2009, the Allman Brothers Band had morphed into a line-up that consisted of Gregg, Jaimoe and Butch, guitarists Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks, bassist Oteil Burbridge and Marc Quinones on percussion. In tune with each other musically, philosophically and personally, these players were hitting on all cylinders as they prepared to mark the band s 40th anniversary with a no-holds-barred celebration during the group s annual stand at the historic Beacon Theatre in New York City. This rustic venue had become a favored spot for the ABB to play in Manhattan, in the tradition of the Fillmore East. This 15-show run was dedicated to the memory of Duane Allman, and accordingly, some very special guests came out to pay homage to the man known as 'Skydog'. Sixty-two artists, including Eric Clapton, Levon Helm, Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, and Buddy Guy were there, with someone of note sitting in during every show, except on one night. March 26, 2009, marked the exact 40th anniversary of the first time Duane, Gregg, Jaimoe, Butch, Berry and Dickey played together, and so this performance belonged to the Allman Brothers Band, and no one else. 

The current band decided to honor the original six by playing the group s first two albums: The Allman Brothers Band and Idlewild South, back to back, track by track. Like a tiger unleashed from a cage, the band pounced from the opening moment of 'Don t Want You No More/Not My Cross to Bear', and the power and fury only went up from there. Seven men were playing as one, each feeding off the energy from the others, communicating in a non-verbal, mutually understood musical conversation.

40: A very special number, and this DVD proves why the Allman Brothers Band is a special group indeed. Savor every note of every song, because chances are a band the likes of this one will not come our way again. 
All My Friends: Celebrating the Songs & Voice of Gregg Allman
[2CD+1DVD] [2CD+1Blu-ray] Blu-ray
Allman Brothers Band
40th Anniversary DVD
Beacon Theatre, 3-26-09
Disc: 1 

1. Come and Go Blues Warren Haynes 
2. End of the Line Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks 
3. Stand Back Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks 
4. You Can t Lose What You Ain t Never Had Devon Allman, Jimmy Hall and Robert Randolph 
5. Please Call Home Sam Moore 
6. Just Another Rider Keb Mo 
7. Before the Bullets Fly Brantley Gilbert 
8. Let This Be a Lesson to Ya Dr. John 
9. Queen of Hearts Pat Monahan 
10. One Way Out John 
11. Statesboro Blues Taj Mahal and Gregg Allman 
12. Just Ain t Easy Widespread Panic 
13. Wasted Words Widespread Panic and Derek Trucks 
14. I m No Angel Trace Adkins 

Disc: 2 

1. Trouble No More Trace Adkins 
2. Multi-Colored Lady Vince Gill 
3. All My Friends Martina McBride 
4. Can You Fool Pat Monahan and Martina McBride 
5. Ain t Wastin Time No More Eric Church 
6. Win, Lose or Draw Eric Church 
7. These Days Jackson Browne and Gregg Allman 
8. Melissa Jackson Browne and Gregg Allman 
9. Midnight Rider Vince Gill, Zac Brown and Gregg Allman 
10. Dreams The Allman Brothers Band 
11. Whipping Post The Allman Brothers Band 
12. Will the Circle Be Unbroken full cast 

DVD and Blu-ray have same tracks as 1 - 26

Amazon Product Description
All My Friends: Celebrating the Songs & Voice of Gregg Allman captures a once-in-a-lifetime performance, honoring one of the most acclaimed and beloved icons in rock and roll history. A founding member of the Allman Brothers Band and successful solo artist in his own right, Allman possesses a voice that has resonated through four decades. The 2CD+DVD features momentous performances by Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, Devon Allman, Robert Randolph, Jimmy Hall, Sam Moore, Keb Mo, Brantley Gilbert, Jess Franklin, Dr. John, Pat Monahan, John Hiatt, Jaimoe, Taj Mahal, Gregg Allman, Widespread Panic, Trace Adkins, Vince Gill, Martina McBride, Eric Church, Jackson Browne, Zac Brown, and The Allman Brothers Band with musical direction by Don Was. Shot in high definition with 5:1 Dolby sound at the historic Fox Theatre in Atlanta, this remarkable piece pays tribute to a voice that once heard is never forgotten. 
Play All Night: Live at the Beacon Theater 1992  CD / MP3

1. Statesboro Blues 7:00
2. You Don’t Love Me 6:38
3. End Of The Line 5:45
4. Blue Sky 7:34
5. Nobody Knows 13:20
6. Low Down Dirty Mean 7:20
7. Seven Turns 4:41
8. Midnight Rider 3:20
9. Come On In My Kitchen 6:02


1. Guitar Intro / Hoochie Coochie Man 10:01
2. Jessica 10:01
3. Get On With Your Life 8:18
4. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed 20:58
5. Revival 5:46
6. Dreams 11:20
7. Whipping Post 11:36

Amazon Product Description

They say you never forget your first time. 

For nearly 25 years, traveling to New York’s Beacon Theatre to see The Allman Brothers Band play a stretch of high-spirited live shows has become a rite of passage for fans old and new. What began as a daring ten-night run at the acclaimed venue is now a symbiotic relationship between a band, a venue and a devoted fan base, the likes of which are virtually unprecedented in rock and roll history. 

Play All Night: Live At The Beacon Theater 1992, is a new two-disc set showcasing The Allman Brothers Band’s very first time playing such an extended run at the Beacon. In the spirit of The Allmans’ iconic 1971 live album At Fillmore East, Play All Night showcases Allman, Betts, Trucks, Jaimoe, Haynes, Woody and Quinones taking the Beacon’s stage by storm. Through their most-requested songs, deep cuts and new favorites, the Allmans expertly showcase that unmistakable raw energy - at once practiced and spontaneous - that still make them one of the most beloved live acts.

Play All Night features liner notes by John Lynskey, editor of the official ABB magazine Hittin’ The Note, and onstage photos by longtime band photographer Kirk West, to further immerse audiences into the story behind these captivating sets.

Whether you’ve never experienced the magic of The Allman Brothers Band at the Beacon Theater or you’re eagerly planning for next year’s shows, Play All Night is a “first time” you’ll want to re-live over and over again.


Our suggestions of the most essential Allman Brothers releases.  

ABB Beacon 2009
Skydog: DA Retro
Skydog: DA Retro Review
Duane Allman
Books and Videos
Side trips & Family

ABB Websites

Skydog: The Duane Allman Retrospective
Seven discs - Limited Edition of 10,000 - Get them while you can.

Song of the South: Duane Allman and the Rise of the Allman Brothers Band - DVD

Please Be with Me: A Song for My Father, Duane Allman
by Galadrielle Allman

One Way Out: The Inside History of the Allman Brothers Band 
by Alan Paul

Live Concert Series'
 - Beacon 2009 (hot) Other live Allman Brothers Band years

Duane Allman Anthology review and information about his session work

Most Recent Albums
Live Archival releases - Beacon 2009 special guests included Eric Clapton

Live from their 2003 tour and released March 23, 2004, One Way Out

Eat a Peach Expanded - A re-mastered edition with a second disc of a complete live performance at the Fillmore West on June 27, 1971, wow.

Stand Back: Anthology - A two disc career overview, released 6/8/2004.

The Allman Brothers Band most recent studio album Hittin' the Note was released in March of 2003; the Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks guitar attack.

Instant Live records and duplicate live Allman Brothers Band performances and sells them online. Check our live ABB page for more details. 

If you want to read about the history the Allman Brothers Band, Djangomusic  has a brief taste.

Live Allman Brothers Band series


A review of the Allman Brothers at Saratoga Springs, New York.  
What is Dickey Betts up to?

Studio - Allman Brothers Band

Allman Brothers related Web-sites

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Allman Brothers Their official site.  This is jammed packed with information.
Allman Brothers SHN and MP3 of live concerts.
More and more music files are turning up on the web from music artists that allow tape trading such as the Allman Brothers Band.  While the  Allman Brothers allow trading, they do not permit it to be distributed online through downloads.  Though  traders and collectors can exchange through performances through the mail. To get a list of shows that circulate, search the ABB Page on

When trading I do recommend that you stick with flac or shn files as opposed to mp3, as the later format has inferior sound quality.  

Looking sources for internet music resources such as trading lists, bands that allow trading, technology, and other topics? 

Etree This is a web-site for downloading  recordings of artists that do not object to trading of their concerts. 
More Allman Brothers on the world wide web
Hiitinthenote A newsletter and retail outlet of Allman Brothers and related bands.

"Each edition of will bring you a fresh photo gallery, featured artist column, archival features from an out-of-print back issue, CD reviews, and many other goodies to satisfy your appetite for music. In addition, you will also find our own officially-licensed Allman Brothers Band merchandise, tour wear & hard-to-find CDs from artists such as the Derek Trucks Band, Warren Haynes, Floyd Miles, Jack Pearson, and more."

Grateful Resources Here is a Grateful Dead site that has a great photo page. Several of the featured photographers have great Allman Brothers photos too.  Ed Wolpov &  Joe Ryan
Eric Clapton FAQ While this site is an Eric Clapton site it has plenty of good information about Duane Allman and Derek and the
ABB Discography  A fans site that includes great information that includes pre Allman Brothers and their side projects too.
Dickey Betts An official site.
Govt. Mule A fans site
Allman Brothers Fansite A bio, some videos and photos posted, and other items of note.
Allman Brothers Notes

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Biography  Django   

Allman Brothers Biography

Allman Brothers Band

The Allman Brothers Band did not have a thirty plus year career because they were very good; they are outstanding! They were formed Macon, Georgia in 1969.  Their style is unique and is a combination of   blues, country, jazz and psychedelic intertwined to form their own sound. 

The Allman Brothers Band are particularly known for their live concerts and extended improvisational jams.  As a result there are an abundance of concert releases and many fans collect them all and still want more. Beginning in early 2002 the Allman Brothers began a new series of live releases called the Vintage Release series and they are sold exclusively through the Allman Brothers. This is similar to the famous Grateful Dead live series entitled Dick’s Picks.

In addition to the Allman Brothers many fans will want to seek related musical, The Hourglass, Duane's Anthologies (his studio sessions), Dickey Betts Solo, Gregg Allman Solo, Govt. Mule etc. We must mention the essential album Derek and the Dominos. It features Duane sitting in with Eric Clapton and his band, the Dominos, and is arguably the best studio guitar playing of Duane Allman or Eric Clapton.

What CD first? 

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To have a solid representation of the Allman Brothers you’ll need to include both studio and live performances. As the Allman Brothers have so multiple compilations you’ll want to avoid duplication.

The Allman Brothers Band's first five releases 
First, their first five releases are worth seeking: 
The Allman Brothers Band, 
Idlewood South, 
Live at Fillmore, 
East a Peach, and 
Brothers and Sisters. 

One approach to an Allman Brothers Band collection is to simply get all five. Especially when you can get their first two discs The Allman Brothers Band and Idlewood South together on one disc called Beginnings.  Also, both Live at Fillmore East and Eat A Peach were two record sets that were released on one CD. Last but certainly not least is the essential 1973 release of Brothers and Sisters. That will give you seven discs reissued on four CD’s. The Allman Brothers Band had many great moments following Brothers and Sisters, but I would call it CD their peak, at least in terms of song compositions.  

A more budget conscious approach to consolidating the Allman Brothers Band is to get Live at Fillmore East (a two-disc version), and Allman Brothers Band Gold.  
This approach includes a great representation of both live and studio Allman Brothers Band on two double discs.  Also, Allman Brothers Band Gold includes some song from Enlightened Rouges  and some solo material.  

Allman Brothers Band Live - their best
Regardless of the approach you take to acquiring some Allman Brothers Band’s CD’s, they are a completely different band live. My two favorites are the 1971 The Fillmore Concerts and the 1992 An Evening with the Allman Brothers Band – 1st Set; but beyond these there are several other good live Allman Brothers Band CD’s worth seeking.

Alternatively, you may prefer to get one of the many compilations. The four to consider are A Decade of HitsAllman Brothers Gold, Stand Back: Anthology, and Dreams, their four-disc box set. All of them are solid and it depends if you want a single, double, or quadruple disc. If you want to hear the Allman Brothers in their pre Allman Brothers Band days you'll want to opt for the box set as it includes material from the bands The Allman Joys, The Hour Glass.

One Allman Brothers Band purchase
If I had to recommend just one, it would really have to be a double disc.
Eat A Peach was re-mastered with a second disc of live material from 6/27/1971 and would be our top choice if you want to experience some extended jams as well as some of their greatest studio tracks. 
Second consideration is The Allman Brothers Band Gold.

Duane Allman review
His two Anthology CD's compile his studio sessions with various artists. King Curtis, Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, Derek and the Dominos, and others.



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